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Galle Fort

Galle Fort

A 15-minute bus ride to walk around the 500 year old world heritage site, or the bustling old market for vegetables and traditional herbs.

Tea & Cinnamon Plantation

Tea Plantation

This is a 40 minutes drive in land to a unique place where various types of tea are made. You get to see the production process and there is a lovely tasting station where you can sample the famous silver tip, white tea and oolong. On the journey we also visit a small, family owned, authentic cinnamon plantation. You may even get to see the traditional fisherman on the stilts!

Temple Walk

A lightting lamps

20 minute walk to the charming village Buddhist temple to offer frangipani flowers from the garden and light a coconut oil lamp, and to chat with the monks. On a full moon, which is a significant religious holiday, this event is even more colorful with a large local gathering.

Wild Turtles & More

Sea Turtle

The shallow waters around the area means you can see them feeding on the seaweed and swimming around.

Bawa Gardens

Bawa Garden

One of Asia's and Sri Lanka's most influential architects' private garden and house is a 40 minute slow old train ride along the coast. The popular ride showcases the local transport culture.

Manicured lawns, neat terraces, magnificent foliage, and meticulous detail to creating space is part of the landscape.

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