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Elephant Sanctuary

Lily is a 20 year old young adult elephant calf, living just ten minutes drive from our retreat center. The 25 acre ancestral virgin land of the de Zoysa family with a large river border is perhaps the only jungle land of it s size in the south west coast of Sri Lanka.

During the peak season (December to March, we have a second elephant, Lexie to keep Lily company, and you can often witness them bathing and playing together.

Both Lily and Lexi are available for elephant riding (500 meters), feeding and bathing. The duration of all three activities is about 40 minutes.

Please call 0773057192, may speak limited English or email us, for reservation and more information.

Ridding with lily
Elephant banner
Water for elephant
Cleaning Lily
Ridding Elephant
Guest with Lily
Riddinh with lily
fun time with lily

A Special note about Captive Elephants and Care.

The mahout is the ultimate boss of the elephant. They communicate in a unique language which no one else understands. The elephant only takes its command from its mahout. Mahouts are a rare generation's breed and are not known for their high academic qualifications. They have been in this profession for generations, and have practice age old ways of handling the beasts, which is not necessarily based on behavioral study. Breaking their traditional way of handling the elephant at times and educating them on better methods is an ongoing process and can be challenging. We at the center very much care for our animals and the management is striving to achieve free moving elephant rides although certain precautionary measures may be necessary to restrict the free movement of the elephants at times to safe guard our valued customers. Visitors are welcome to report any unwarranted behavior by any of our staff members particularly towards the animals and we would take immediate remedial steps to educate them. We value your observations/contributions in this regard, and only then can we educate our staff on better animal care.

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