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Local School Support

We, at the White House in partnership with Carelanka Foundation, Netherlands supports and sustain many programs at the local school. From organic farming, computer/environmental studies, to feeding the poorest 100 children, we remain committed to our social responsibility.

A Happy Child
  • Free midday meal for the children
  • Free uniforms, shoes, books and essentials for anyone starting in year one.
  • Our own computer teacher
  • Special education unit teacher. Also any hearing aids or extra care provided
  • Agriculture lessons and hands on farming taught
  • Additional support given to advanced pupils
  • Supports and funds Scholarship scheme

Our guests are most welcome to visit the school, chat to the students, teachers and see for yourself how we help our local community.

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  • We purchase our vegetables and fruits from the local school garden where possible.
  • Organically grown fruits such as mangoes, pineapple and bananas
  • Own red rice field which provides rice for the Villa and its guests

While ensuring that some of the vegetables are grown organically, at sometimes in the year to make sure there is a balance of nutrients in the soil non-organic fertilizer may be used.

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