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Escape to the Villa De Zoysa to embrace relaxation, tranquility, and exploration of all the senses in this serene sanctuary.Built in 1907 by a prominent philanthropist, the colonial, beachfront mansion provides yoga retreats, surfing, and Ayurvedic healing for those wanting both energizing and revitalizing holiday.Get nourished from the inside and out by homemade Sri Lankan food that is both healthy and delicious.Nestle up with your favorite book in one of the sunlit corridors, open courtyards, or sprawling terraces.Take a dip in the swimming pool right outside the yoga shala to cool off after a hard class.Fall asleep to the sounds of waves gently crashing on the shore to realize that you have truly woken up in a corner of paradise.

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Set within the beautiful garden Villa de Zoysa has a private yoga shala and specializes in yoga retreats and yoga holidays in Sri-Lanka. It hosts a variety of International teachers year round whether you’re a yogi or not anyone is welcome

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Ayurveda Bed

Treat yourself to Ayurveda treatments and massages at Villa de Zoysa a perfect relaxing and pampering time on your yoga retreat. Each treatment is designed for the individual and specially tailored to your needs

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Stay in one of the best and unique old Colonial houses near Galle. With spacious and individual rooms this villa is one of a kind! Known to serve the best rice and curry and delicious breakfast to accompany the yoga holiday

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We are ideally positioned between three surfing spots. Reef break for advance surfers just a 5 minute walk down the beach, Beach break for medium to beginners surfing in a 15 minute...

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Fancy a couple of free cooking lessons on preparing sumptuous rice and curry
Accompany Devinda to the Galle vegetable/Fruit Market, housed at the Old Dutch building once used as horse...

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Lily the Elephant

Lily is a 20 year old young adult elephant calf, living just ten minutes drive from our retreat center. The 25 acre ancestral virgin land of the de Zoysa family with a large river border is perhaps the only jungle...

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A getaway from your stressful daily routine won't be much fruitful if it is just another physical getaway where your mind is still restless. No matter where or how far you get, if your subconscious mind is still engaged with chores at home or calculations at work. It is one of the main reasons why going to a yoga retreat would be the perfect getaway for healing both your mind and the body. According to a saying in the Bhagavad Gita, " Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self " which you may realize is true, once you start practicing it.

If you are someone who is planning to visit Sri Lanka or is already a current visitor in the country, then a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka is something that that is worth for trying. Sri Lankan yoga retreat can be quite amazing once you get familiarized with it. Here at our villa, we promise you with the best yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. You are sure to feel more lively and peaceful in the midst of the thriving green surrounding with promising views of nature. Galle – a prestigious city in the down south of the country along with scenic views of the alluring nature, there exist every single thing that you will need for a calm and peaceful vacation.

It is time that you take a small break from all your household chores and work at the office. How well do you know yourself? How well can you control yourself; both physically and emotionally? How often do you see through yourself? If I throw you with all the above questions, will you be able to give clear answers to them? Yoga is the key to all the above questions, where you will be able to look around with an open mind. A yoga retreat is much more than just physical exercises; it is a spiritual discipline that unfolds the fathomless prospects of the human mind and soul. The calm and quiet environment of our villa along with the experienced and professional yoga instructors is the best place for a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka.

When we think of a vacation, it is always a delightful idea. But just a vacation is still momentary, you would enjoy for a minimum of a week or two, and once it ends, you are back to your old self. On the other hand, a vacation with a yoga retreat will reveal another self in you by turning a new chapter in your life. Yoga is more of a medication that heals your soul by placing you in moral conduct, controlling your unstable emotions, getting hold of your concentration and purifying your eternal soul. Visit us for a yoga retreat in Galle and your vacation be a vacation of gain that lasts you for your entire lifetime. Once you get started you would simply get obsessed with our Sri Lankan yoga retreat.

We, humans, are born with overwhelming emotions some of which we can’t control while we wish that it would be better if we could manage. Now here is your chance, where you can give yourself a fresh start as a different person from who you were in the past. Let’s be a part of our yoga retreat in Galle and say hello to the new you. Visit us at our villa for the best yoga retreat in Sri Lanka to feel the significance of spiritual power.

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